Multiple Colors, Endless Possibilities:
Discover the beauty of choice with our LLS Glue Jars at just $12 each! Unleash your creativity and customize your lash experience with a variety of vibrant colors.

Conveniently Carry Your Essentials:
Introducing our specially crafted Glue Jar with 3 drawers, designed to accommodate your glue and lash essentials in one stylish package. Convenience meets style!

Enhanced Protection for Your Glue:
We understand the importance of keeping your glue in optimal condition. Our Glue Jar comes with an extra layer of protection, ensuring your adhesive stays fresh and effective.

Save Money, Lash Longer:
Did you know? Properly storing your glue not only saves you money but also contributes to the longevity and quality of your lash sets. Invest in the best for lasting beauty!


Pink, Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, Green, White, Gray, Black

Sealed Glue Canister

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